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Ulster Incident Page 2 (Fires & Rescues)


Irish Republic: Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan. 
Northern Ireland: Antrim, Armagh, Derry / Londonderry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone.

County Down 30th July 2013

The scene in Downpatrick, Co. Down where a runaway horsebox lorry hit a mum and baby, trapping them under the lorry as it crashed into a bar and dental surgery on Tuesday 30th July. Northern Ireland Fire Service, Ambulance Service & Police Service attended the scene

County Cavan 29th July 2013

A Major fire was brought under control in the Breffni Arms Hotel Arva Co Cavan @1.40am this morning. Pumps five was made & in attendance were as follows. Kilashandra CN19, Cavan town CN11, Belturbet CN18, Ballyconnel CN17 & Ballyjamesduff CN16.

County Down 27th July 2013

Scene of a car fire on Saturday the 27th of July on the Bridle Loanan in Warrenpoint. One unit of the fire service from Warrenpoint attended the scene and soon had the blaze under control.

County Down 25th July 2013

A light aircraft crashed into trees at Dairy Hill playing field on Thursday evening in Newtownards following engine failure on its final approach to Newtownards airport. The pilot is said to have aimed into the trees to avoid playing children in the field. 

In attendance was Newtownards Airport Fire 1, S2601 & S2671 Northern Ireland Fire Service, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service & Police. There where 2 people on board both of whom where treated by Ambulance Service following the crash

County Down 6th June 2013

A fire in the locomotive of the main Dublin Enterprise train caused it to stop near the Kilmonaghan Road at Jerrettspass on Thursday 6th June. The engine was separated from the carriages and crews from Newry and Warrenpoint used a foam jet and extinguishers to deal with the incident. An angle grinder was also used to gain access to the fire. Translink personnel organised another train and the 114 passengers were transferred to the replacement for the onward journey. 

Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim 30th May 2013

The volunteer Firefighters on Rathlin Island were mobilised to a report of whins and gorse on fire on a cliff face burning towards houses and oil tanks. It was evident that further assistance would be required to deal with the incident and crews from Ballycastle, Cushendall, Maghera and Ballyclare were ferried across to the island with appropriate equipment. The blaze, on a one kilometre front was threatening eleven properties and crews used jets and beaters to deal with the fire. 

Click Link Below for BBC News Report

CLICK HERE for BBC News Report

County Down 18/05/2013

Scene of a Major fire at Mourne Park House near Kilkeel. 80 firefighters and 16 appliances attended the scene.

Belfast 29th April 2013

A total of five appliances, including a Rescue Tender and an aerial appliance, were required to deal with a fire in a shoe repair business on the Lisburn Road, Belfast on Sunday 29th April.  Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used several jets and hose reel jets to contain and extinguish the blaze. 

County Derry / Londonderry 19th April 2013

Photo Used with Permission of James Whorriskey Photography

Crews from the 2 Derry / Londonderry stations assisted by members of Special Rescue Teams ensured there were no casualties after a building collapsed in Kennedy Place in the city on Friday 19th April. Detailed searches were carried out by NIFRS Special Rescue teams, PSNI dog handlers and Vema crews until the area around the collapsed three storey building was declared safe.

County Down 5th April 2013

Firefighters from Newry and Warrenpoint attended this shed fire today Friday 5th April containing a large amount of tyres. Several appliances and a Water Carrier were in attendence.

CLICK HERE for Warrenpoint Fire & Rescue Station Facebook Page

County Down 5th April 2013

Up to 30 Firefighters from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service were involved in fighting a fire in a three-storey building in Greencastle St in Kilkeel in the early hours of Friday 5th April. It is understood that it took up to 3hrs to but the fire out.

County Down 03/04/2013

Fire Crews from Newry Station attended the scene of a fire on Bridge St, Newry on Wednesday
3rd April involving a Bus Éireann bus. The fire started at the rear of the bus near the engine
compartment. There were passangers on board at the time and all were exacuated safely. 

County Donegal 31/03/2013

The scene of a serious Gorse Fire in Dungloe, County Donegal on Sunday 31st March. The Fire Service were called out just after 10pm.

Reports from locals are the Fire Service succeed in bringing the blaze under control.

County Donegal 08/02/2013

Donegal County Fire & Rescue Service on scene at a house fire in Cois Locha, Dungloe County Donegal on Friday 8th Feb 2013

County Down 22/03/2013

Irish Republic: Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan. 
Northern Ireland: Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone.

County Donegal 14/03/2013

Car fire at a commercial garage in Buncrana on the 14/03/2013. Three units of the Fire Service from Buncrana attended the scene.

County Antrim 09/02/2013

Crews from Ballyclare, Glengormley and Ballymena responded to a fire on the Mill Road, Ballyclare on Saturday 9th Feb. The fire initially started in portacabin, but quickly spread to two adjacent buildings igniting an oil tank. Crews wearing breathing apparatus using main jets and hosereel jets were deployed to bring the blaze under control.

County Armagh 06/02/2013

A 40 foot articulated lorry carrying kitchen flat-pack items went on fire between the Lurgan (Lough Road) roundabout and the Moira roundabout on the city bound carriageway on Wednesday 6th Feb. 

Firefighters from Lurgan, Portadown and Lisburn used hosereel jets, foam jets and main jets to deal with the blaze which was made more serious when the fuel tank of the vehicle burst. Crews remained at the scene until the early hours of the morning before handing the incident over to PSNI. The early morning traffic was also affected by the incident.

County Derry 21/01/2013

Major blaze at Campsie in Derry on the 21/01/2013. The incident was attended to by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

Part 1: Toxic Fumes Incident - County Down Operation 05/12/2012

Above 3 Photos are from the County Down (Northern Ireland) Operation

Part 2: Toxic Fumes Incident - County Louth Operation

Above 3 Photos are from the County Louth (Republic of Ireland) Operation


Eighteen people were taken to hospital on Wednesday 5th Dec '12 after toxic fumes leaked from a boat carrying grain. Police and emergency services were called to the MV Arklow Meadow, which had docked in Warrenpoint harbour, Co. Down with a cargo of grain. Houses and businesses near the quayside were evacuated. Due to its close proximity to the harbour Fire Crews from Louth County Council Fire & Rescue mobilised on the Republic side of the border.

Statement from NIFRS

“The incident at Warrenpoint Harbour has now been dealt with.  We currently have 3 Fire Appliances on standby in the Harbour area and these will remain there for the next few hours as a precautionary measure.


“Eight Fire Appliances, 3 Specialist Appliances, a Command Support Unit, 60 Firefighters and a number of specially trained hazardous material Fire Officers dealt with the incident. We worked closely with our colleagues in other emergency services, the local Harbour Authority, Public Health and statutory agencies to ensure this incident was dealt with as safely and effectively as possible. 


“We can confirm that the substance onboard the vessel was Aluminium Phosphide.  We want to reiterate the Public Health Agency message that all risk of adverse health effects associated with this incident applies only to those who have come into direct contact with the gas and that there is no risk to the wider public.  We have taken all the necessary safety precautions to protect our Firefighters who were dealing with the incident. 


“The incident is now being investigated by the Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland.” 

County Derry / Londonderry 23/11/2012

The Chairman of the Western Trust, Gerard Guckian, has praised the way in which the emergency services reacted to a fire at Atlnagelvin Hospital on Friday night 23rd November.

It is believed that the fire started on the roof of the hospital and as a result seven wards had to be evacuated. “The Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service were on site and have been on site assisting with the evacuation of a number of wards. The evacuation was facilitated by Translink.

Belfast 20/11/2012

Fire crews have dealt with an overnight blaze at a block of derelict buildings in south Belfast. The fire was reported in the Kitchener Street area at around 11.30pm on Tuesday 20th November. Four crews attended the scene. No injuries have been reported.

County Down 06/10/2012

A 28 year old female and a 3 year old child have been rescued from a house fire in Warrenpoint. The incident occurred in a terrace house at Summerhill, Warrenpoint at 14.35 hours and two fire appliances from Warrenpoint and one from Newry were mobilized to the address.

On arrival fire crews were confronted by a well developed fire in the kitchen with heavy smoke logging throughout all parts of the house. Reports that people were still inside necessitated six fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus entering the property and extinguishing the fire while rescuing the female and child from a first floor bedroom. Crews also administered first aid to both casualties at the scene prior to them being taken to hospital by ambulance. The incident was brought under control at 15.18 hours.

County Down 01/10/2012

Twelve appliances including an aerial machine and a command support unit were needed to deal with a fire at McCoys Bar, Kilmorey Street, Newry in the early hours of Monday 1st October. Two persons were rescued from the back yard of the property by firefighters using a ladder. At the height of the blaze crews were using 5 main jets and an aerial monitor to tackle the flames. The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated by PSNI.


County Down 15/09/2012

Fire Crews were dispatched to a farm on the Drumlough Road outside Hillsborough where it was reported that a number of people were trapped in a slurry pit. When appliances arrived, two men and a woman were already out of the pit and firefighters engaged in CPR Another man was rescued from the pit area by crews using a short extension ladder. Tragically two of the men died at the scene and while the third appeared to respond he too died later in hospital. The woman was taken to hospital and detained but thankfully survived. (

The three fatalities were a father (aged 52) and two sons (aged 30 and 22) which included up and coming Ulster Rugby & Ireland star Nevin Spence.

County Armagh 31/08/2012

Six pumping appliances, two aerial monitors and a water tanker were needed to deal with a major fire in Arvalee School on the Deverney Road. The second storey of the 40 x 50 metre building was well alight and five main jets, an aerial jet and a ground monitor were needed to bring the blaze under control. Fire crews were at the scene until the following evening.

County Derry 22/08/2012

A retained firefighter on his way to work was alerted by an activating smoke alarm to a blaze in the Fire Station in Catherine Street. Local crews were supported by colleagues from Dungiven and Crescent Link and prevented the fire spreading beyond the administrative areas of the station. 

The fire, which had started in the drying room, was extinguished using two hosereel jets. The station's two fire appliances were undamaged and the station remains fully operational. An investigation is being conducted into the cause of the fire.

County Donegal 21/08/2012

A major fire has destroyed the Lough Swilly Hotel in Buncrana, Co. Donegal. The fire started in the vacent building on Tuesday night 21st August. Fire Crews from Letterkenny & Buncrana County Donegal and Crews from across the border in Derry & Carndonagh responded to the scene

County Antrim 15/08/2012

A fire at a disused laundry in Ballymena on Tuesday 15 August caused for 30 homes to be evacuated on Clonavon Road South at about 16:00 BST. Fifty firefighters, six pumps and two aerial appliances were deployed to tackle the blaze.

Co. Armagh 26/07/2012

A major fire at a County Armagh clothes recycling plant, which at its peak was tackled by 115 firefighters and 23 fire engines. The Fire Service arrived at the warehouse on the Newtown Road in Cloghoge, outside Newry, shortly after 23:00 BST on Thursday.

Firefighters were confronted with a "serious and rapidly developing fire" when they arrived at the scene. The chief fire officer said it was "one of the biggest incidents" for years. Crews from across Northern Ireland have been drafted in to help.

By request - In attendence (not confirmed):

Portadown - S11, Armagh - S12, Banbridge - S13, Newry - S31, Crossmaglen - S32, Rathfriland - S33, Warrenpoint - S34, Newtownhamilton - S35 & Crews from Belfast. Also in attendence was the Interim Chief Fire Officer.

We will try get a full rundown

Link for Story

County Down 22/07/2012

Fireighters from Warrenpoint and Kilkeel, Co. Down tackle a blaze at the former auction house (and Garden Cinema/British Legion hall) in Queen street. (22/07/2012) 

Photo used with permission by oldwarrenpointforum

Click below for more Photos

For more photos of this fire please CLICK HERE

County Donegal 14/07/2012

Firefighters from Letterkenny in attendence at a fire on the 14th July

Belfast 12/07/2012

Fire crews were called to deal with a number of incidents where cars or other vehicles were burning as a result of crowd violence in the Ardoyne area of Belfast, Drumbeg in the Brownlow sector of Craigavon, Ballymena and in the Bogside area of Londonderry on the 12th of July. In some cases crews were advised by PSNI to not attend or withdraw from the area. 

Here Firefighters from Whitla Fire Station were called after youths set fire to a car in the Brompton Park area of Ardoyne in Belfast

For Video Footage CLICK link below

Click here for video footage

County Antrim 11/05/2012

A bus travelling from Belfast to Ballymena went on fire on the M2 motorway northbound near Antrim on Friday. A spokeswoman for Translink said the driver saw smoke coming out of the bus and pulled over onto the hard shoulder of the road. He got all the passengers off the bus safely. The NIFRS were called and the fire was extinguished.

County Down 07/05/2012

House fire in Newry on the 07/05/2012. Units of the Fire Service from Newry and Warrenpoint attended the scene.

County Cavan 07/04/2012

Scene of a Tractor fire outside Kingscourt Town on the 07/04/2012. One unit of the fire service from Kingscourt attended the scene.

Belfast 01/04/2012

Mandatory Credit - Picture by Matt Mackey/

Twelve people were led to safety by Firefighters when a fire occurred in a first floor flat at the six floor apartment block Bass Buildings in Alfred Street in Belfast city centre on Sunday 01/04/2012.

Another woman was rescued using a 9 metre ladder. Crews wearing breathing apparatus used a main jet and a hosereel jet to extinguish the fire. No injuries were sustained at the incident.

M1 Motorway 02/02/2012

Seen of a Truck fire on the M1 motorway in Banbridge on the 2nd Feb attended to by NIFRS. Driver managed to get out of his unit and wasn't injured

Belfast 20/01/2012

A bus with 20 passengers on board in Belfast city centre was evacuated after a fire was spotted at the back of the vehicle on Jan 20th. The Fire and Rescue Service's district commander for north and west Belfast, Martin McDonald, praised the reaction of the bus driver and the work of his crews in putting out the blaze.

"On arrival we were faced with a fairly well developing fire in the rear of the bus," he said. "Conditions were very, very dangerous for the public in the immediate vicinity because of the large quantities of smoke that were being issued by the fire. "Very quickly everyone was removed from the bus by the driver and we were here in two minutes and able to prevent a lot more serious incident occurring."

County Down 06/03/2012

Scene of a fatal house fire in Dromara, Co. Down in the early hours of Tuesday morning (06/03/12). The alarm was raised to the fire on the Dundrum Road at around 3.30am and 3 units of the NIFRS attended the scene.

County Monaghan

Scene of a Fire at a Take-a-Way in Monaghan Town on the 24/01/2012. Several units of the Fire service Monaghan Town and surrounding stations attend the Incident.

County Down 18/02/2012

Fire crews battled a blaze on Saturday evening (18/2/12) at the historic Bank of Ireland building on Trevor Hill in Newry, Co. Down. The Grade B1 listed building is steeped in the city’s history, as the first branch of Bank of Ireland to open in Ulster, in 1876.

Three fire engines & an Aerial Ladder Platform attended the scene & were forced to smash a number of windows at the property in their attempts to extinguish the blaze.

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